Hills double header…wowza!

I caught an inner chuckle the other day at work when we were bonding with our bosses in the kumbaya room (aka. conference room). I’m the only black woman and so I enjoy, from a distance, people awkwardly try to find some kind of way to include me in conversation. Usually, they don’t bother and I find my joy in identifying with something one of the boss people brings up trying to identify with someone else in the room. This time, it was The Hills. The other girl had no clue what “cool” boss who watched Entertainment Tonight the night before studying for this moment was referring to, and I went into this ramble about the whole show, its Laguna Beach roots, Justin Bobby, yadda, yadda, yadda…AND I would be remiss to not make eye contact with the boss man and say that I guess he figured her wrong and me wrong. He had that squirmish, awkward, tall white man entitled to superiority gone defunct moment. So maybe it wasn’t an inner chuckle, rather an inner belly laugh. It’s amazing what you learn when you just talk to someone and leave your biases behind. All of his research trying to identify with the women was flawed. He didn’t bank on the black girl factor in the room.

So, back to The Hills…

I was so excited to have a double header in my DVR. TV has sucked way longer after the writer’s strike that my MTV fix is all that I have to hang onto right now.  Hopefully, Ugly Betty will finally come back soon, but I’m going to need a refresher course before resuming it because it’s been so long.

It’s nice to see Heidi declare some independence from Spencer and actually follow through. Who knows where that will go. Brody was such a butt at Lauren’s party. So typical man. He did the whole girlfriend amnesia thing which was just not cool. I knew Whitney was leaving Teen Vogue, courtesy of Perez Hilton, which I thought would mean they were both leaving since I think the mag no longer wants to be affiliated with the show. I guess that’s something likely to come along sometime this season. And what about Stephanie (Spencer’s sis)? They just tossed her in the middle of the mix this season which will likely bring some good dramz to the show.

Why are we so captivated with rich folks and fashion? I guess it seems so glamorous, but I was thinking exactly what Kelly Cutrone warned Whitney of right before she just threw the warning out there. She was like “you realize you are selling your soul to the devil now?” Whitney was like “what?” and Kelly was like “because now this is your life…we typically work until three in the morning…” I was wondering if I would be willing to consume my life with my job if it was really my passion. The prospect is exciting and lonely at the same time. Not too far from my life now and millions of jobs I’ve had until now…sans the exciting part.

If only…

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