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Oh! No she didn’t…Kimberly crossed the line on Real World Hollywood ep2

Guilty as charged. I watched The Real World again, and now it’s on!!! You all need to start writing the producers. Did that ignant southern belle b** Kimberly just call Brianna ghetto? And all the aftermath…she completely did not get it. If you’re white and reading this and thinking that there’s no such thing as […]

Ifelicious interview with Lil Al B. Sure! son of Al B. Sure and contestant on MTV’s “Rock The Cradle”

Ok, I get it. You’re not feeling that MTV show “Rock the Cradle”…However, I got the chance to talk to Lil Al B. Sure! during a rare time out from working on MTV’s “Rock the Cradle.”

Who’s hotter or notter…Al B. Sure! vs Lil Al B. Sure!

Quick poll asking if father or son is the hotter Al B. Sure! vs. Lil B. Sure!

I told you so…Heidi and Spencer are now whoring for their own show!!!

Who needs TMZ, Perez Hilton, or E! when you have Ifelicious? Did I say I thought Heidi and Spencer were probably going to try to rock a spin off from The Hills? If you have selective amnesia, I know…it happens to the best of us, go back and read my post Check out this […]

MTV’s The Real World Hollywood comes in like a lion…

My goodness! Have y’all seen the first episode of The Real World Hollywood? I was watching it last week and had to open my laptop to start writing a post in the middle after PretyBoy managed to urk me so much I wanted to jump through the screen and pimp slap him. Unfortunately, my laptop […]