Reaction to Bravo’s Project Runway Season 4 finale

Project Runway Season 4 winner Christian Siriano

If you didn’t see it…GO SEE IT…then come back here and read this.

So, I was all Team Jillian Lewis and she lost! WTF!!! I soooooo hated Christian Siriano. He was so fuckin’ cocky, but he was a fairly talented designer.

It’s like letting Omorosa win the damn competition. I still am Jillian’s fan. I love her feminine flair, her attention to detail, and her persona. You can’t help but to fall in love with her.

I guess I’m no winner “guesserer.” I was all about the Mychael Knight from last season; and he lost, too.

One more thing, what’s up with Heidi Klum‘s bangs? I’m so not feeling that. When she debuted them her whole look was a trainwreck. In the finale, her hair-do was toned down, including the bangs so it didn’t look so offensive.

Heidi Klum Project Runway Season 4 finale

I know, who am I to judge? It’s always those dorky blogger types with critiques of others. Maybe we’re just better at it because we are so critical on ourselves. In any case, Heidi Klum‘s bangs suck and I’m mad that Christian won.

What do ya’ll think?

Back to drinking watermelon martinis and staying up all night. yippee!

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UPDATE: I’m cracking up watching Saturday Night Live and their spoof on Project Runway!  Fierce!


  1. watermelon martinis?! Haha we knew your ghetto booty would be drinkin’ them soon. How are the sunflower seeds? Yo check out and spread the word!

  2. I resorted to the watermelon martinis because ya’ll only left a little of the apple. It did the trick which was to keep me entertained while I was on lock-down from the blizzard.

    Girl! I’ve nearly finished that big ass bag of sunflower seeds. They’re so addictive. I blame it on my mama. 😉

    The only thing that was missing was some Now or Laters (I guess that’s the official name. I always just say “Now Laters”), and some double dutch, and a liquor store next to the church, and chinese food joint with the bullet proof glass and spinning thingy to hand your money and get your food, and THEN I might be able to claim a little ghetto. 😉

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